Top 10 Major League Baseball Teams in 2019

In as much as baseball recognizes a lot of individual players, teams also deserve some credit. Here’s the list of the top 10 baseball teams of the 2019 season.

1. Houston Astros

The Houston Astros have significant strengths in offense and the starting pitch. Though they were previously the third team, their AL WEST win made them climb up the ranks.

2. The Los Angeles Dodgers

With the Astros taking the lead, the Dodgers fell one number down from last season’s rankings. They have a great offense though their speed needs significant improvement.

3. The New York Yankees

From position two in the previous season, the Yankees were also affected by the Astros climb. There is hope that with Luis Severino back on the team, the team might have a chance of recording better performance.

4. Minnesota Twins

Maintaining their position at number four, the Twins had an excellent road record. They also have a great offense, but their bullpen could be better.

5. Atlanta Braves

This is an improvement in position from six in the previous season. Thanks to Ronald Acuna, the team had a historic year this season.

6. Cleveland Indians

Another rise in the rankings is the Cleveland Indians who showed a reasonable effort, winning 90 plus games.

7. Oakland Athletics

The team got back, Frankie Montas. With Sean Manaea also getting his game again, there is a lot of hope for the team in future seasons.

8. Washington Nationals

This is quite a jump from last season’s position 12. Though they had a significant struggle at the start of the season, they made some effort to do a relatively good job.

9. Tampa Bay Rays

The playoff was a tough one for this team, still proved to the world that they deserve to be among the top ten.

10. St Louis Cardinals

Finally, the Cardinals made it to the top ten after missing the position by a whisker last season.