Tips on How to Enjoy Major League Baseball

There are die-hard baseball fans who love watching the game and could give anything to have the chance of watching an entire game in one sitting. However, some people could never imagine sitting for hours, staring at the screen, in the name of following a baseball match.

If you fall in the latter category, here are tips that will make you love the game, and enjoy following the league.

Don’t Watch the Game

Probably you are wondering why one would be advised not to watch the game, yet the aim is for you to enjoy the game. You see, the game is quite long, and every team is expected to play at least 168 games a year. The good news is that you can follow the league without watching every game.

Following the game on the radio in your car seat on your way home is one of the ways to kill the screen boredom. Podcasts are also great options.

Watch Only the Highs of the Game

Another way to cut down the long hours is by only focusing on the critical parts of the game. Things like the catcher’s mitt will give you a lot of details about the game compared to other parts of the same play.

Watch it With Friends

There is no better way of getting the thrill of the game than when you have several friends cheering on different players. Their reaction will somehow rub on you even though you were not sure what the excitement was all about. Some families turn baseball league games into bonding sessions. Plus, you will always have something to talk about even after the game is officially done.


Baseball is not like any other game because of the intensity of its seasons. Do not be left behind. Try enjoying the thrill as well.