Tips on Enjoying Major League Baseball Matches with Your Kids

No baseball fan wants to imagine missing a major league baseball match because of their kids. In as much as you love them, you also want them to be a part of other things you love from a very young age. So, how does one make a baseball match enjoyable for both the adults as well as the kids?

Understand Stadium Policies in Advance

Different stadiums and arenas have different policies when it comes to whether a kid should have their own ticket and how kids’ seating arrangements are planned. Knowing this will help you know if you need an extra ticket for your kid or you need enough energy to let them sit on your lap during the game.

Consider Getting a Booster Seat

For a child who is over two years, having them on your lap for the entire match might be tedious. Sadly, not every stadium will allow you to have an extra seat for your kid, especially if they do not have a ticket. This is where a booster seat comes to your rescue. The advantage is that kids love their booster seats, and you do not have to hold them throughout the game.

Book an Ideal Parking Space

One more thing, where are you parking? This will help you know how the distance you need to walk to the stadium. With a kid and maybe extra bags for changing and other things that kids need, you do not want to park too far from the stadium. Booking your parking space in advance gives you several options to consider.


When it comes to enjoying a major baseball league game with your kids, all it takes is prior planning to ensure that everything that can be controlled is catered for. In the end, you will be glad that your kids are a part of your favorite game.