Top 3 Things to Remember in the MLB Season of 2019

Just like any other baseball season, there will always be something about the season that stands out. The 2019 season was not any different. From the list of the most outstanding players to major bloopers, here are three things that cannot be forgotten.

Great Achievements

The 2019 season was unique for the many home runs that were made. It was a great season for individuals who proved that the game belonged to the skillful. Christian Yelich must have been the player with the biggest achievement as he is marked in history as the 29th triple crown winner.

Others like Pete Alonso and Mike Trout still established great records, making them players to watch in the coming season.

Outstanding Teams

In the 2019 baseball season, the Astros were the most outstanding team in terms of talent. They had a record third-winning percentage that had gone unchallenged for over fifty years. However, they were not the World Series winners which might make their achievement not as significant to an average fan. However, among the greats, they will be recognized

Major Failures

Just like the winners, the losers are also recognized. Sadly, Yasiel Puig goes into the bloopers’ record for getting suspended for fighting just moments after he had been sold to Cleveland. However, he didn’t know about the final verdict of the trade when the fight happened. The coincidence of the events happening at the same time might be the major reason for the remembrance of such a negative record.


2019 will be remembered as one of the juiced ball seasons thanks to the homers making an unexpected come back. A lot of collective records were set in that season and the year gave birth to four of the best homers hitting teams in history. The entire season was one that will be definitely be remembered in history.