The 2019 Team and Individual Performance Review

‘What just happened?’ would be the reaction for the 2019 baseball season at the time of its end. Many expected the game to be totally different from the actual performance that was witnessed. From how the team played to decisions made by the league heads and coaches, you will never find a word that can sum up the entire season.

One of the most notable issues was the significant rise in the number of home runs. However, this was not in a consistent manner. The postseason did not register as many home runs, but the Fall Classic had a significantly higher record of the same.

Team and Individual Surprises

No one understood how the Astros would lose at home and still make a substantial comeback in their game against the Nats. However, their victory did not last for long after losing their middle innings both in Game 6 and 7.

It was crazy for the Nationals to get Juan Soto and Adam Eaton as the leads in Game 6 and even more insane for Trea Turner to be placed at first base in Game 6. Game 6 was evidently full of surprises and weird adjustments.

Game 7 was not any less of the already witnessed drama. The sudden trade of Zack Greinke could not have been predicted from the beginning. At least Max Scherzer had the strength to make his way through five innings. Will Harris disappointed many fans when he lost his two-run shot against Kendrick.


2019’s season was thrilling. It played around with many bets, and for sure many fans will forever have stories of their own concerning the season. It was an amazing way to wrap up the decade. A lot of expectations are now on the 2020 season, and with what happened in 2019, you can never know what exactly to expect, which makes the game even more interesting.